Trying to use a membrane covered chlorine sensor in "dirty" water is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Chlorine sensor membranes clog in water with elevated levels of iron, calcium or suspended solids.

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No matter how badly you'd like to eliminate buffers, moving parts or reagents, some water sources just won't allow you to do so. It's a matter of choosing the right tool for the job.

Foxcroft FX-CLv2 bare electrode chlorine analyzer works where membrane covered chlorine  sensors can't

The Foxcroft model FX-CLv2 amperometric chlorine residual analyzer uses bare electrodes and ordinary distilled white vinegar as a pH buffer and cleaning agent.

With no membrane to clog and auto pH buffering, you get trouble free performance in most water sources up to 10pH. It excels in wastewater and well water that fouls the membranes of typical chlorine sensors.

The design is proven reliable for over 35 years measuring and controlling free or total chlorine residuals in drinking water, food and industrial process water and wastewater throught the world.

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Optional Panel Mounting With Carbon Filter

Simplify your installation with a panel mounted chlorine analyzer, just connect your water supply and the drain hoses. Includes sample inlet valve, a carbon filter for zero point calibration, selector valve to switch between your chlorinated and dechlorinated process water, flow meter to eliminate flow rate guesswork, and pre-mounted buffer bottle bracket. The chlorine analyzer and accessories are mounted on a 1/2" thick 12" high  x 36" long PVC panel.



  • Intuitive interface simplifies operation.

  • Simple and low maintenance: only 1 hour every 12 to 18 months in clean water applications 

  • No technician required to set up, configure or calibrate

  • No toxic or costly reagents are required for operation

  • Continuous readings are ideal for monitoring and process control


  • 4.3" full color glass touch screen reacts like your smart phone and is rated for a minimum 1 million touches on any one point.
  • Cool running 24 VDC brushless mixing/cleaning motor and PVC balls continuously clean the electrodes.

  • Fine tune the pH buffer feed for high pH water samples with variable speed 24VDC buffer feed motor.

  • Quick Clamp peristaltic pump head simplifies tubing changes and maintenance.

  • Optical No Flow switch turns off the motors to prevent electrode overheating damage and buffer waste.

  • Auto mA output scaling.

  • Calibration hold maintains last residual mA output during calibration to avoid control disruption.