Panel Mounted FX-CLv2 Chlorine Analyzer

Save a trip to the hardware store; factory recommended and mounted components ensure a more trouble-free installation and operation

Like our probe based systems, our bare electrode model FX-CLv2 amperometric chlorine analyzer is now available mounted and plumbed on a wall mount PVC panel, just fasten to the wall, connect your sample line and drain hoses, then plug it in!

 Install more systems per day, pre-mounted and plumbed components reduce your installation time.

You get everything needed including:

  • Sample inlet on-off valve with high pressure tubing
  • 12GPH flow meter eliminates guesswork in setting the correct flow rate
  • Carbon filter to remove chlorine from your process water when calibrating the zero point. Zeroing with distilled or de-ionized water will cause the analyzer to read higher than the actual concentration. An accurate zero point promotes accurate readings.
  • Valve to easily select either chlorinated or dechlorinated water feed.
  • Bottle bracket for distilled white vinegar pH buffer and cleaning agent.
  • Tap for grab sample analysis and prompt calbration.
  • Panel is rugged 1/2" thick PVC,  36" long x 12" high.
  • Wastewater analyzers can be supplied with a flushing Y-strainer.

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Panel mounted Foxcroft FX-CLv2 chlorine analyzer.jpg