A No Brainer


$2,236.00 turns this:


  Into This:

075mod.jpgJust send in your existing FX-1000P Series chlorine analyzer with a purchase order and we’ll install:

  • New microprocessor based electronics
  • Glass touch screen
  • Cooler running 24 VDC mixing and pump motors
  • Quick Clamp buffer pump head
  • No flow & temperature sensors
  • Fused power entry module with power cord
  • Remount the gold tube of the measuring electrode for enhanced signal integrity.
  • Install new PM kit parts

You get a virtually new, easier to use instrument with expansion capability! Reduce your calibration time from 45 minutes or more to about 5.

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Any questions? Please contact our sales department at 800-874-0590, or sales@foxcroft.com

The upgrade offer does not apply to FX-1000 analyzers mounted on white panels.