Manufacturing industrial duty online analytical instrumentation, process controls and sensible solutions; all backed by Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co.'s unparalleled service since 1963.

  • Foxcroft Model FX-CL Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer

    Model FX-CL Amperometric Chlorine Analyzers

  • Amperometric Chlorine Sensors

    Amperometric Reagentless Probe Type Chlorine Analyzers

  • Foxcroft Toxic Gas Detectors

    Fixed Point Chlorine and Toxic Gas Detectors

  • Foxcroft Series FX-CL analyzers and sensors for Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Peracetic Acid

    Series FX-CL Analyzers and Sensors for Alternative Disinfectants: Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Peracetic Acid

  • Foxcroft Model FX-8500-M PID Controller

    Model FX-8500-M PID Set Point Controller for Feed Forward, Single or Compound Loop Control

  • FX-300 online ion selective electrode analyzers

    FX-300 Online Monitors and Industrial Duty Sensors for pH, Conductivity and ISE Ammonium, Fluoride, Nitrate, Chloride and more

  • Foxcroft FX-300-F Online Fluoride Analyer
    FX-300-F Online Reagentless ISE Fluoride Analyzer

 Foxcroft Features:

  • Disinfection Monitoring & Control  online amperometric analyzers for chlorine residual and alternative disinfectants.

  • Cost Control using our PID set point controllers & online analyzers.

  • Process Monitoring & Control: industrial duty pH, fluoride, ammonium, conductivity and more

  • Safety using our rugged and dependable fixed point chlorine gas detectors, toxic gas detectors and calibration gas.

  • Customer Service: in a responsive and respectful manner

  • Technical Service: specializing in chlorine and process control for over 50 years

  • Product Development: combining technology with robust design to survive the typical environments of water and wastewater treatment as well as food and industrial water processing