Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer


The FX-1000P Has Been Retired

Manufactured since 1980, the  workhorse FX-1000P amperometric bare electrode chlorine analyzer was discontinued in the fall of 2014. Its direct replacement is the model FX-CLv2.

Click here to go to the FX-CLv2 web page.

Amperometric probe based systems are also available for free chlorine, click here for the FX-CL-F; and for total chlorine residual click here for the  FX-CL-T.

While we continue to provide mechanical parts, motors and pumps for the FX-1000P, we can no longer repair or replace the displays or circuit boards.

UPDATE March 2020: the buffer pump head has been discontinued by its manufacturer



Not to worry! You can upgrade your old FX-1000P to the current model FX-CLv2.

Click HERE for more information.


I Want to Upgrade  My FX-1000p