Smart Digital Sensors

Industrial pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen



What It Does For You

Intelligent electronics added to the toughest sensors available eliminates the need for technicians or highly trained personnel to use, and calibrate our smart plug and play pH, ORP and dissolved oxygen sensors.

Efficiently manage sensor maintenance and inventory without being locked into the complexity of high cost field bus protocols such as Hart® or Profibus.

You can use the sensor's stored & current calibration data, temperature data and service time date stamps to track sensor performance and schedule maintenance or replacement.

Auto Calibration

Ensures the sensor is calibrated properly no matter who performs it. The auto cal feature recognizes 4.0, 6.86, 7.0, 9.18 and 10pH buffers.

Perform 1-point offset, 2-point or 3-point calibrations.

Includes built in correction for temperature induced changes to pH buffers. See the chart here for the buffer solution's equilibrium shift that is caused by temperature (this differs from the Nernst temperature compensation correction of the sensor's electric potential).


Calibrate Anywhere

Since calibration data is stored on the sensor, you can calibrate anywhere, in your lab, plant or office and place them into service.

Calibration values are automatically uploaded from the sensor to the mating transmitter without any operator action for true plug and play operation.

For those with many sensors in difficult to reach or hazardous locations you can simply swap sensors out for maintenance with no downtime from process measurement.


Easy Sensor Management

You can upload the transmitter configuration to the sensor or download the configuration from the sensor to the transmitter. Create a shadow copy to in case you need to revert to a previous setup.

You can view the sensor status on the transmitter including:

Sensor type, part and serial number, dispatch and first installation dates.

Sensor's last 5 calibration values for offset, slope and temperature, as well as the highest and lowest process temperature exposure, last time in use and total time in field use.

Availability & Purpose

Smart digital electronics can be included with any of the sensors shown on our analog pH / ORP sensor web page, as well as in our galvanic DO sensors.

Our combination sensors are primarily intended to provide  improved performance and service life with a lower cost of possession than typical sensors in difficult to extreme process conditions.

We also have lower cost general purpose sensors to provide stable, extended service life in less demanding applications.



The smart sensor is paired with our cost effective easy to use FX-300-pHD transmitters. These have the same form factor as our FX-300 transmitters.

Being modular, you can pair digital transmitters in the same enclosure with analog only transmitters such as conductivity or ISE measurements.

The measurement transmitter(s) can also mounted in our  Tote Box enclosure with battery power for portable process or environmental spot checking or troubleshooting.

RS485 Modbus RTU

Our smart RS485 Modbus RTU output sensors can be used with any customer supplied computer, PLC or HMI. They can also be used with our smart touchscreen controllers for complete remote access as if you were at the installation site.

Our handheld SSM portable Smart Sensor Manager is used to calibrate and can also be used as a portable measurement device for pH, ORP or DO.

The software allows you to easily produce calibration certificates.

Coming Soon


Digital Advantage

Our digital smart sensors and cable systems eliminate common issues with online measurement:

  1. Digital communications provide reliable operation in noisy process environments.
  2. No signal degradation in cable runs up to 2,000 feet.
  3. Cable extensions with corrosion resistant and water proof snap connectors lets you easily create long cable bridge connections to avoid buying a replacement sensor with a long, and costly integral cable.

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3 Ways to Calibrate

The smart sensor can be calibrated in any of three ways:

  1. By using the wall mounted transmitter supplied with the sensor.
  2. By using your desktop computer or laptop in the field by interfacing with our bridge box shown and factory supplied free Windows software.
  3. By using the separate ToteBox described below.

The NEMA 4X bridge box calibrator is available in an AC powered version to power the sensor, while the computer USB port powers the signal converter using the included USB adapter cable. The smart sensor cable connector snaps into the mating receptacle on the box.

A portable battery powered version is also available for field calibration with your laptop. Two 9 volt alkaline batteries (not included) provide up to 50 hours usage, or up to 100 hours using 9V lithium baterries.  It features a carrying handle and rubber feet. Dimensions: 6.7" x 6.7" x 3.9" deep.


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Portable Measurement & Calibration

The Tote Box allows you to perform spot field measurements, troubleshooting, commissioning, onsite or offsite calibration with your smart sensors.

It features the same standard digital pH transmitter included in our fixed systems along with either an AC power supply or 9 volt battery power. Two 9V alkaline batteries provide up to 50 hours of usage.

The NEMA 4X enclosure is 6.7" square x 3.9" deep and includes a carrying handle, rubber feet, and water proof snap cable connectors for the sensor cable and the included USB adapter cable.

The 13" x 10" x 7" Tool box  holds up to any combination of four modules: pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity, DO measurements or a data logger and is powered by two 5V LiPo USB rechargeable batteries.

Usage time varies with the number of transmitters used and standard or high capacity battery types. (1) transmitter @ 4.5 hrs. std or 9 hrs. high capacity. (4) transmitters @ 2.2 hrs. std or 4.5 hrs. high capacity.

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Wall Mount Transmitters

pH / ORP transmitters with smart digital software have the same size and mounting as our analog FX-300 transmitters.

It features a local 3-digit display and configurable, invertible 0/4-20 mA output.

Extremely easy to use with 3 buttons to navigate operating modes, calibrate and to view or change settings.

Displays pH, ORP or ppm depending on the type ordered, absolute mV per pH and temperature.

Includes digital output of pH, ORP, DO and temperature via RS485 Modbus RTU in standard or high resolution mode.

Up to 3,000 V galvanic isolation between the power, sensor input and analog output.

You can output temperature with a separate analog output module if you don't use Modbus output .

Standard enclosure widths: (1) transmitter in 4.33"; (3) transmitters in 7.16", up to (5) transmitters in 10" wide.


Download  FX-300-DpH Brochure


Coming Soon: Smart Sensor Manager for Portable Measurements and Calibration

Our SSM portable smart sensor manager for our smart sensors with RS485 Modbus RTU output is a dual purpose device: use it to calibrate your digital sensors or use it as a hand held pH, ORP or DO measuring device.

It allows anyone with any skill level to efficiently  and properly calibrate our pH, ORP or DO sensors automatically and anywhere: in the lab or onsite.

You can also use the SSM with your sensor as a portable measuring device to spot check or troubleshoot your system, treatment basins, tanks or perform environmental testing.

NOTE: If you have an immediate need we can quote systems while the web materials are being produced.



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