Conductivity Sensors & Transmitters

Contacting Conductivity Model FX-300-CON



What It Does For You

These USA made sensors give you exceptional performance and service life at a highly competitive cost.

Electrodes in standard or exotic alloys paired with suitable insulator materials allow operation in the most difficult process conditions.

Modular transmitters in standard, low range or high resolution configurations offer a cost effective contacting conductivity measurement of your process

We have the ability to customize to suit your process to provide a sensor not available from other standard product lines.

Use With Any Instrument

These sensors can be used with our transmitters or with almost any other OEM brand of instrument. Simply specify the instrument make, model and type of temperature sensing element it employs.

Wiring schematics for other OEM  transmitters can be provided.

Sensors can be customized if your needs dictate a construction different from the standards. Depending on the nature of the modification a minimum order or other requirements may apply.


The FX-300-CON transmitter measures contacting conductivity and temperature. It can be supplied in three ways:

  1. The standard configuration for up to 20.0 cell constant with ranges supported between 0.05 to 1,000,000 µS and temperatures from 0 to 210°C.
  2. Low range optimized version, see below for details.
  3. High resolution version, see below for details.


Being a modular system, you can order a single transmitter or up to five in a single enclosure.

The conductivity transmitter(s) can also be paired with other measurements such as pH or ORP to provide a multi-parameter system.



You can also add data logging or alarm relays with basic control functions.


Display and Output

Displays 3-digit readings and outputs conductivity in µS / mS, or the temperature via scalable 0/ 4 - 20 mA.

RS485 Modbus RTU output can also be added as an option at time of order.

Temperature can be output via 4-20mA using the optional temperature output module.


The transmitter allows you to perform an offset calibration with the sensor dry in air to obtain a true zero point reading.

You can also perform a one-point gain calibration to a standard solution or to a lab analysis results.


Compact Inline

The SC-10 sensor is available in standard and special short style configurations for inline mounting without a special flow cell. 

The electrode can be be supplied with 1/2" & 3/4" MNPT threaded compression fittings made of either polypropylene, Kynar or 316SS can be screwed into a 3/4" or 1"  pipe or into a tank.

Suitable for cell constants from K=0.01/cm to K=10.0/cm.

The Teflon™ insulator can be matched with a standard 316SS electrode, or optional Titanium, Hastelloy C276.

Temperature sensing element is potted into the inner electrode to assure accurate and fast response for temperature compensation.

With an operating temperature range of -35°C to 120°C, pressure up to 500 PSIG is possible with the proper materials of construction.

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High Temperature and Pressue

The Foxcroft SC-41 sensor operates at pressure up to 500 PSIG and temperatures to 205°C.

A special version for high pressure steam wash down at 1,000 PSIG is available for food and beverage producers to sterilize tanks before processing each batch.

They’re an excellent choice for blowdown control, condensate monitoring, leak detection on heat exchangers, steam purity measurements  as well as boiler condensate.

Process connection is by 3/4” MNPT front threads with explosion proof junction box.

Dual O-ring construction extends sensor life since only the outer 0-ring is exposed to the process fluid.

Cell constants: K=0.05/cm, K=0.1/cm, K=0.2/cm, K= 1.0 /cm,  K= 2.0 /cm

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Sanitary Installations

Applications requiring USDA FDA 3A compliance are supported with this product line.

Tri-Clover sanitary flange mounting is available using the SC-10, SC-51 and SC-40 sensors welded to stainless steel flanges for insertion into sanitary processes using standard tee fittings made by Alpha Laval or Ladish.

Flanges can be supplied in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2" or 2.5" diameters.

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K=10.0/cm Cell Constant For Any Mounting Style

The SC-52 with its small size for a high cell constant can be submerged, immersed into a tank our mounted inline into a pipe.

Suitable applications include water treatment, chemical dilution, skid mounted reverse osmosis systems or wherever fast response to temperature fluctuation is needed.

For use up to 1,000 mS (1,000,000 µS) depending on the mating transmitter used. It can be used with almost any transmitter by specifying the proper temperature compensation element.

Process connection via 3/4"MNPT front or rear threads.

Sensor body is 316SS or CPVC, with various combinations of insulator and inner electrode materials for service up to 150°C and pressure to 500 PSIG.

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1" MNPT Double Threaded Body

Suitable for inline, submersion or immersion mounting for  measuring up to 200,000 µS with excellent chemical resistance.

The SC-50 with CPVC body and SC-56 with Kynar body resists fouling and is easy to clean. Low maintenance makes it a good choice in a variety of applications spanning RO drinking water to wastewater to slurries.

A high pressure and temperature open electrode version is excellent for abrasive slurries and high velocity inline use up to 205° C.

Cell constants: K=0.1, 1.0 or 2.0/cm.

Chemical resistant cable waterproofing allows the sensor to be submerged without a standpipe or immersion rod.

Electrodes can be supplied in 316SS as standard or in Monel, titanium or Hastelloy C-276.

Stainless steel sensor body is also available optionally.


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"Hot Tap" Installation

Conductivity monitoring using "hot tap" valve retractable insertion assemblies for insertion or removal under pressure using the SC-10 and SC-40 contacting conductivity sensors.

Valve assemblies are rated for maximum 50PSIG pressure.

The C40 sensor covers a wide range of cell constants from K=0.01 to K=20.0/cm in process solutions with high chemical concentrations.

The C10 sensor covers cell constants from K=0.01 to K=10.0/cm.


Download SC-40 Specs Download SC-10 Specs

Drawing SC-10 Valve Insertion




Standard Transmitter

The FX-300-CON supports measurement ranges from 0.05–1,000,000 μS | 0.00005–1,000 mS with a temperature range of  0-210°C.

A 3-digit display can selectively show conductivity in μS, mS or the temperature in °C by simply toggling with the Mode button.

Readings are automatically corrected for the resistance and capacitance of the sensor cable.

The analog output and sensor input are galvanically isolated up to 3000V.

One point offset calibration lets you quickly match the results of a lab analysis.

Hi Res Modbus Output

The optional FX-300-CON-HR allows you to use the maximum internal resolution capability of the transmitter.

The full range resolution can be output in 0-10,000 or 0-20,000 steps depending on cell constant and calibrated cell range. Standard Modbus output resolution is 0-1,000 steps.

Temperature scaling is 0-210°C and is output in 0-1,000 steps.

The high resolution output is not compatible with the FX-300-DAT data logger.

Low Range Transmitter Version

The FX-CON-L can be optimized for low conductivity applications including reverse osmosis.

It supports as low as 0-5uS/cm and as high as 0-20 µS/cm for cell constant K=0.01/cm, and for K=0.1 the minimum range is 0-50 µS up to 0-200 µS. 

It also features dual output: 4-20mA and RS485 Modbus RTU.

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