Remote Display Gas Detectors

FX-1500v4 single and dual sensor gas leak detection



Safety Shouldn't Be Complicated

More complexity leads to a higher probability of making a mistake.

Configuration of some detectors requires looking up code numbers to manually set DIP switches or jumpers, or disassembly to access the relays for wiring.

Others require scaling the 4-20mA output signal and calibration with a digital multimeter.

The Foxcroft FX-1500v4 series gives you the simplest installation, setup and use available with any detector.

Flexibility and Risk

Configurable alarm points and falling or rising alarm selection provide flexibility but also the potential for error if not done correctly.

Operating range and alarm trip points are fixed and factory set in our detectors.

We completely test each and every unit with certified gas.

You cannot positively test a gas detector with an amp generator.


Don't Delay

It's not uncommon to hear of safety protocols being bypassed.

An operator may try to avoid work interruptions by delaying alarm actuation if the equipment makes it possible.

A 5-10 second alarm delay can be the difference between someone getting out safely or not.

Design With User Safety First

"Bells and whistles" can be nice on some products, but features and design need to focus on the sole purpose of a life saving device.

Our ease of use design promotes error free installation.

Operating range and alarm trip points are non-adjustable.

No operating voltage selection is required, avoiding over voltage damage.

Being a supervisory system, the normally closed circuitry will indicate a fault with a break in the circuit or component problems.

Potentially harmful alarm delays are not available.

History of Reliability

The FX-1500v4 is the latest version of our model FX-1500 that's been trusted for over 20 years.

Some service companies who represent our competitors' chlorine and gas detection products install our gas detectors with their chlorine gas feed systems.

Our customers get 10 years or more from the electronics and 2 or more years per sensor, occasionally up to 10 years or more.


The electronics don't need replacement or repair after several years.

You don't need to buy a new power supply when you replace a sensor.

Proven electrochemical gas sensors provide exceptional useful life.


Features At A Glance

Intuitive operator interface touch screen

Provides fixed point, parts per million leak detection in ambient air with audible and high visibility alarm indicators.

Available with one or two sensors for 11 toxic gases and low Oxygen levels.

(1) 4-20mA output per sensor, auto scaled to the operating range.

(4) 10A SPDT form C dry contact relays per sensor can be wired N.O. or N.C.



Standard Features

Both models include a remote display controller that mounts in a safe area and separate gas sensor enclosure(s) for the potential hazard area.

The sealed 4.3" glass touch screen displays the gas type, concentration and operating condition in both text and by a high visibility 1" x 1.75" color coded alarm status field.

Configure the relays by touching the alarm level and reset type  desired; it turns green to confirm the selection. No need to reference code numbers, configure jumpers, or disassemble the detector.


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One Sensor FX-1500v4

The remote display is connected to the sensor enclosure by 25-ft shielded cable, which can  optionally be supplied in lengths up to 1,000 feet. 

Fixed danger and warning alarm trips points are based on OSHA and NIOSH guidelines. A third low level caution alarm is added for slow leaks.

A sensor fail alarm indicates a break or failure in the circuit or the sensor. To prevent nuisance alarms due to low sensor drift a 4-minute delay is applied to the sensor fail notification.

24VDC power supply with universal AC voltage input for use anywhere in the world. 6A fused power entry with 2-meter IEC power cord is included.

Custom alarm levels and operating ranges are available for process control applications.

The water proof IP67/NEMA 4X UV polycarbonate remote display includes a lockable UV stabilized polycarbonate clear door and swing out inner panel for easy access.


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Download Detector  BrochureTwo Sensor FX-1502v4

Each sensor channel operates simultaneously and completely independent of the other.

Monitor for leaks of two different gases or the same gas at two points.

Information and control buttons for both channels are displayed at the same time on one screen.

Connectors to the circuit board for each sensor cable are color coded.

Use the second as a backup for the primary sensor.


Gas Sensors Available


Standard Range

Order Code




0-10 ppm



Sulfur Dioxide

0-10 ppm



0-100 ppm





Carbon Monoxide

0-500 ppm


Chlorine Dioxide

0-1 ppm


Hydrogen Sulfide

0-10 ppm



0-2 ppm


Nitric Oxide

0-50 ppm


Nitrogen Dioxide

0-10 ppm


Hydrogen Cyanide

0-10 ppm


Hydrogen Chloride

0-10 ppm


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