Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer Amperometric FX-CL-D

Two Sensor Options for Potable or Service Water



What It Does For You

With two amperometric sensor options available, the FX-CLD analyzer can be optimized  to suit your particular water quality and application.


Porous Membrane Type


This sensor uses 2 electrodes covered by a microporous PTFE membrane to measure chlorine dioxide concentration in potable water that is visually clear of solids and free of surfactants (such as detergents and wetting agents) or other disinfectants.

Suitable applications include:

  1. Drinking water disinfection
  2. Iron and Manganese Oxidation
  3. Fruit and vegetable washing and disinfection
  4. Service and process water disinfection
  5. Hospital and health care facilities

The 30140 series sensor for clean water has measuring ranges of 0.05-0.5, -2, -5, -10 mg/l (ppm). Chlorine or Ozone should not be present to avoid interference with the measurement.

It can operate in 1-11pH solutions and has integrated temperature compensation.

Non-Porous Membrane Type

The 2 electrodes in this sensor are covered by a non-porous membrane that is resistant to chemicals and surfactants in detergents and cleaning agents.

It's also more tolerant of solids and can be used in virtually any water quality in 1-11 pH range.

Common applications:

  1. Cooling tower disinfection of legionella
  2. Poultry chiller water disinfection
  3. CIP sanitizing
  4. Bottle washing sanitation
  5. Pulp and paper bleaching
  6. Seawater

Ranges for the 30142 series sensor for any water quality are 0.05 - 2, -5, -10 mg/l (ppm).

Ozone interferes with the measurement while chlorine does not.

Easy Set Up and Use

The panel mounted system includes everything needed and provides virtual plug and play installation.

Stable sensors need only periodic calibration, electrolyte and membrane cap replacement.

Requires no zero point calibration.


Model FX-CL-D

The electronics in NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure, sensor, flow cell and flow regulation are all mounted on a 12" x 24" panel for quick mounting and installation.

A 4.3" full color glass touch screen displays concentration, alarm and processor status. Navigate the menu options by touching plain words instead of symbols or abbreviations.

Includes a single voltage protected 4-20mA output.

High and low residual alarms relays are SPDT dry contact rated at 1A. Actuation of programmable alarm levels can also be delayed up to 5 minutes.

Universal AC input from anywhere in the world is accepted without user selection, 88-264VAC, 50/60 Hz.

The 24VDC power supply and circuitry is protected by 6A fuse in the power entry module. The included 2-meter power cord connects to the analyzer via IEC #320-C13 connector and plant supply using a NEMA 5-15 connector.


Download FX-CLD Brochure


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Heavy Duty Microprocessor Electronics

The circuit board is designed for longevity under continuous round the clock use.

It's manufactured in the USA less than two hours from our plant.

The current 4-20mA output requires no trimming for accuracy and is automatically scaled when the operating range is selected.

All inputs and outputs are diode protected against over voltage.

Onboard diagnostic LED's are included for efficient troubleshooting.

A high quality voltage regulator maintains an exact reference voltage to ensure precise measurements and system functionality.


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