About Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co.



Who We Are and How We Operate

We're guided by traditional principles in the manufacture of our analytical instruments.

We strive to make the highest quality, not the lowest cost products, to deliver an accurate instrument with longevity, ease of use and reliability.

Honesty and integrity is more important than making a sale at all cost. We often decline to quote if we believe our instrument isn't suited for a particular application.

Customer service and support is central to our to our operation; we believe you're entitled to prompt, fair and respectful service. Nothing is more frustrating than to hear that all sales are final, and that you're on your own to solve any problems.

We support our resellers to become trusted assets for their customers.

Given our customers' regulatory requirements, our team returns repairs within 1-2 days, sometimes the same day, without charging a premium for expedited service.

We believe our products, expertise and service has been integral to our earning long term and word of mouth customers.

Design & Build To Last

We design by anticipating common mistakes and less than careful use.

We use materials and components that can withstand daily use year in and year out. 

It doesn't cost much more to do the job right; it gives us pride in our workmanship as well as a lower cost of ownership with less frustration to our customers.

Assume Nothing 

Despite decades of experience in manufacturing and assembly, we don't assume a product will work.

Every instrument is tested under real world conditions before it can ship: chlorine analyzers run a minimum 4 to 6 hours with water and are verified with an amperometric titrator, detectors must respond to a certified target gas.



We Take Responsibility For Our Work

Most of us who've had a defective product or problem have experienced a customer service rep who assumes you must have damaged or abused their product for it to malfunction.

Rather than assigning blame, we focus on problem solving and resolution; and do whatever it takes to make it work or make it right.


Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co. Inc. is a privately held  company originally founded as a sales and service company for chlorination systems in 1963 in Glenmoore, PA.

We began manufacturing our own online analytical field  instrumentation in 1980: amperometric chlorine analyzers, toxic gas detectors and set point controllers, and have always specialized in chlorine monitoring and control.

Later we added instrumentation to measure ions such as fluoride and ammonium, as well as pH, ORP, DO and conductivity.

Over the years we earned a reputation for building reliable, long lasting instruments. 

They excel in the typical conditions found in our primary markets: municipal water and waste water plants, meat, poultry and produce processing plants, the cruise ship industry and various industrial manufacturing processes throughout the world.

In addition to continuing improvement, our current focus is ease of use; to give an operator of any skill level the ability to produce and report accurate analytical results simply and efficiently.






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