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FX-1000P Amperometric Chlorine Residual Analyzer

FX1000P amperometric chlorine analyzer

The Foxcroft FX-1000P amperometric chlorine residual analyzer provides continuous online free chlorine or total chlorine residual measurements in a wide range of process waters.

Residual readings are instantaneous and do not rely on the “sample and hold” method; making it an excellent choice for chlorine control or online monitoring applications.

No costly or toxic reagents are required for operation. The analyzer uses environmentally friendly ordinary distilled white vinegar available at any grocery store to buffer the sample pH for direct free chlorine readings.

To read total chlorine with the standard FX-1000P simply add ACS reagent grade Potassium Iodide to the vinegar pH buffer.

Since the FX-1000P does not incorporate a membrane covered probe, it is resistant to fouling or clogging in applications with high levels of total suspended solids found in wastewater treatment, or in monitoring groundwater with high levels of iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide.

To promote fouling resistance and accurate readings, the measuring cell design incorporates high-grade gold and copper bare electrodes, large orifices, fixed sample and buffer feed rates, and continuous cell mixing and cleaning.

For high range chlorine residual monitoring the FX-1000P-HRDP can measure free chlorine by dilution in ranges such as 0-200 PPM for produce washing, 0-1,000 PPM or 0-2,000 PPM. 

High Range Chlorine RFQ

The standard analyzer is also available with a second potassium iodide (KI) solution pump to monitor 20 ppm or more total chlorine. The second pump also helps preserve the KI solution effectiveness for any total chlorine range by feeding the solution separately from the acidic pH buffer.  Download FX-1000P-TC brochure

Product Features:

  • Online amperometric test method is EPA approved for drinking water compliance monitoring using Method 334.0
  • Measures free or total chlorine residuals
  • For monitoring and control in drinking water, wastewater, re-use water, dechlorination, food processing
  • Standard operating range 0-5 PPM up to 0-60 PPM without dilution
  • Operating range is field-adjustable
  • Uses inexpensive, non-toxic, food grade vinegar for pH buffering
  • Isolated single 4-20 milliamp output signal
  • Built-in high and low alarm relays

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