U.S. Made Amperometric   Chlorine Analyzers, Online Analytical Instruments, Toxic Gas Detectors

Established in 1963



Whether you're producing drinking water, a food or beverage, or treating wastewater, your finished product is critical to public safety, the environment and your reputation.

You can't tolerate poor performance, frequent maintenance and repairs, or high cost of ownership.

Accordingly, we won't cut corners to boost profits or to match the lowest price in building our chlorine and other online water analyzers.



User Friendly

It doesn't matter how well you design or build a product, or how well it can work, if the end user has difficulty using it.

One of our priorities is ease of use so that the instrument performs as designed when used by ordinary people without extensive training in process instrumentation or costly service contracts.


We wet test or gas test every instrument thoroughly before shipment to ensure it works as expected.

Testing by 4-20mA input signal simulation is not a valid test of the instrument's functionality.


If a product won't work well for long periods of time we simply won't build, offer or sell it.

You don't stay in business since 1963 by working any other way.

Experience & Service

For those seeking quality, trouble-free operation and honest advice, we have over 55 years of experience in chlorine measurement and control.

We try to provide unmatched personalized service to support you.


Chlorine and Disinfectant Monitoring and Control

Our amperometric chlorine analyzers are used to control disinfectant chemical feed in drinking or wastewater, industrial process water and to monitor the drinking water distribution system.

We make two basic types that are applied based on water quality rather taking a one size fits all approach.

Models include bare electrode chlorine analyzers that work in virtually any water quality and reagentless chlorine and chlorine dioxide probe based systems for clean water.

None of our analyzers are intended to verify chlorine removal or zero chlorine discharge to the environment.


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Industrial Water Process Control

Our instruments and sensors are designed to withstand the rigors and often harsh conditions found in many industrial processes; including water and wastewater disinfection, drinking water fluoridation, wastewater fluoride removal, metal etching, chemical clean in place or food or industrial processes controlled by pH, ORP or conductivity.

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Remote Compliance and Environmental Monitoring With Smart Sensors

Battery powered or line powered systems are designed to continuously check and advise you of irregularities in water supply or wastewater systems with smart digital pH, ORP, and dissolved oxygen sensors, as well as analog conductivity sensors.

Our dehydration and impact resistant pH sensor paired with wireless communication and data logging is ideal for placement in manholes to alert to illegal discharges or remotely monitor any water source.

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Smart Sensors for Aquaculture & More

Smart RS485 Modbus RTU output pH and galvanic DO sensors can be directly connected to your existing PLC or control system or to our complete plug and play controller configured for your application.  A single Modbus master can support up to 247 tanks or measuring points.

Digital sensors feature auto calibration and storage of configuration settings and calibration data.

The handheld portable FX-SSM smart sensor manager allows you to calibrate onsite, in the lab, or use as a portable spot checker.


Toxic Gas Detection

Our simple to operate gas detectors with rugged electrochemical gas sensors have been trusted for over 24 years to provide dependability and exceptional service life.

Our long life sensors and glass touchscreen interface makes the detector the most user friendly and cost effective system available.

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Coming Soon:

Smart Sensor Manager

Our SSM portable smart sensor manager for our RS485 Modbus RTU output sensors allows anyone with any skill level to efficiently calibrate our pH, ORP or DO sensors automatically and anywhere: in the lab, onsite, or in your truck.

You can also use the SSM with your sensor as a portable measuring device to spot check or troubleshoot your system, treatment basins, tanks or perform environmental testing.

NOTE: If you have an immediate need we can quote systems while the web materials are being produced.


Coming Soon:

Smart Touchscreen Controller

Smart touchscreen controllers with remote Ethernet access will soon be available for our RS485 Modbus RTU smart sensors.

Monitor or troubleshoot your smart pH, ORP or DO sensors without visiting the site and receive email notifications.

NOTE: If you have an immediate need we can quote systems while the web materials are being produced.