FX-1000P Amperometric Chlorine Residual Analyzer

After 34 years of service the Foxcroft FX-1000P amperometric chlorine residual analyzer has been discontinued and replaced by the model FX-CL effective October 2014.

We will provide replacement parts for several years as component availability allows, but will no longer supply new FX-1000 systems.

For those who have relied on the FX-1000P you can now get an improved measuring electrode with more ease of use, touch screen calibration and interface, more features and more expandability with the model FX-CL. Reagentless probe type models are also available, please see the links below for more information.

Click Here For  Special Upgrade Offer  for FX-1000P Owners   Go To The FX-CLv2 Web Page

An overview of available models is HERE

For bare electrode vinegar pH buffered systems and bufferless systems similar to the FX-1000 series click HERE

For a Free chlorine reagentless analyzer with no moving parts click HERE

For a Total chlorine reagentless analyzer with no moving parts click HERE

Contact our sales department for information on analyzers to monitor alternative disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, ozone and hydrogen peroxide.