FX-300-DO Online Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

 The Foxcroft FX-300-DO online dissolved oxygen transmitter / controller features proven membrane covered galvanic cell sensors. 

Ideal for economical 0-40 ppm oxygen level monitoring and control in aquaculture, environmental water quality monitoring, wastewater aeration basins or for those who can't justify the high cost of optical sensors.

FX-300-DO dissolved oxygen monitor   Foxcroft galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor


  •  FX-300-DO is a proven membrane covered self-polarizing style galvanic cell that generates a low-impedance millivolt electrical signal proportional to the oxygen pressure it senses.

  •  Commissioning costs are often 1/3 that of optical systems. The cost of ownership of FX-300-DO sensors is often 1/5 the cost of optical sensors.  For most applications included materials are sufficient to perform measurement for 3 to 5 years time.

  • Rugged submersible sensor suitable for most any municipal and industrial wastewater, aquaculture or environmental use

  • Galvanic type DO sensor there is a true zero and so no zero adjustment is ever needed

  •  Gain calibration performed with sensor dry in air; FX-300-DO has correct calibration value stored at any temperature & pressure

  • Adjust the display in the gain mode and you are done. No look-up tables and no solutions required to calibrate your DO sensor with the FX-300-DO!

Due to unique electrolyte chemistry and design combined with rugged membrane technology, the calibration, cleaning and replacement needs are quite minimal and easy to perform.


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