FX-300-F Inline Reagentless Fluoride Analyzer


Foxcroft inline reagentless fluoride analyzer Foxcroft multichannel inline reagentless fluoride analyzer  

Many drinking water and waste treatment facilities are devoting more money, effort and maintenance than necessary to monitor and control free fluoride levels.

The FX-300-F inline fluoride analyzer features a long life, industrial duty solid state ion selective electrode. It reduces the high cost of ownership of reagent based systems by eliminating sensor tip replacement, maintenance and reagents. Offset calibration with a separate reagent based photometric or colorometric instrument is the only calibration required and is performed without removing the sensor from service.

Cost effectiveness and modularity allows you to monitor more points for less than the price of some competitive systems.

The system is intended to replace daily manual grab sampling with automatic monitoring and process control to help meet target levels and alert you to overfeed malfunctions.

Modular electronics allow you to purchase only the functions you need, from a single channel fluoride measurement with 4-20mA output only, to a multichannel pH compensated total free fluoride system with alarm relays and control functions.

Additional measurement modules for parameters such as pH, conductivity, a second fluoride sensor or ammonium can also be supplied in the same enclosure for multi-parameter monitoring.

For the ultimate protection against a dangerous fluoride overfeed, you can place an HF resistant pH sensor upstream of the fluoride sensor to detect and stop an acidic flow before it damages the fluoride sensor and enters the distribution system.

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The reagentless Model FX-300-F for drinking water or in potable water fluoride removal systems with 6-9.5pH range.

The system is available with optional flow panel mounting, everything required is pre-mounted, wired and plumbed on a 1/2" thick 12" x 24" PVC panel. See photo below.

The Model FX-300-F-AS acid service fluoride ion analyzer monitors free fluoride levels in wastewater produced by electronics or semiconductor etching; as well as industrial processes such as stainless steel pickling baths.

Acid service sensors are specially engineered to operate continuously in 0-6 pH solutions; or to withstand acid removal of calcium fluoride and fluorosilicate deposits in higher pH solutions. Submersible, extension tube and valve retractable sensor holders are available for insertion depths into process tanks up to 41”. The acid service sensor cannot be used inline.

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  • FX-300-F inline flow panel mounting.jpg
    FX-300-F inline flow panel mounting
  • Twist_lock_fast_temp_fluoride_sensor_017crop.jpg
    Inline twist lock free fluoride sensor
  • Fluoride acid service retractable compression fitting

    Fluoride acid service retractable inline compression fitting

  • 2

    2" HOT TAP Ball Valve Retractable Assembly