Model FX-CLT Reagentless Amperometric Total Chlorine Analyzer

The Foxcroft FX-CLT total chlorine residual analyzer provides continuous online measurements in clean, filtered drinking water without costly reagents and service contracts

Foxcroft total chlorine analyzer FX-CLT.jpg 

The membrane covered 3-electrode amperometric sensor measures the sum of free and combined chlorine, including chloramines and organically bound chlorine in samples 4 to 8ph without an additional pH sensor for compensation.

An intuitive touch screen interface simplifies calibration and configuration.

The analyzer has no moving parts and requires only periodic electrolyte and membrane cap replacement. Maintenance is simple and can be performed by plant personnel.

Since no chemicals are added to produce a result, the sample can be recycled back into the process line, if regulations allow, to conserve water or for installations without a drain.

For wastewater applications or drinking water with elevated levels of iron or calcium we recommend the FX-CLv2 bare electrode style chlorine analyzer which tolerates suspended solids and other impurities.


  • Measuring Ranges: 0-0.5; 0-2; 0-5; 0-10; 0-20 mg/L (ppm)

  • pH Range: 4 - 8.5pH possible using pH buffered electrolyte
  • Continuous measurements are ideal for control applications
  • No zero point calibration required
  • (1) 4-20mA output, (2) optional (water temp), voltage protected

  • (2) 1A SPDT form C relay outputs for high/low chlorine

  • RoHs compliant electronics are expandable to accept enhanced functions and up to (8) sensor inputs

  • Designed for 24/7 operation, it's also capable of intermittent operation for up to 24 hours without chlorine exposure.