FX-8500C Compound Loop Controller

Compound loop controller FX8500C

The Foxcroft FX-8500C compound loop PID set point controller provides the vital link between chlorine analyzer, flowmeter, and chlorine feed device.

Change chlorine feed rate instantly with changes in flowrate. Time-compensated changes based on residual feed back from the chlorine residual analyzer minimizes overshooting the desired setpoint.

The unit has programmable reverse or forward control mode (into output summator) for Chlorine, Ammonia, or Sulfur Dioxide control systems.

Options include Ethernet or Modbus® communication, or remote control from a central computer or SCADA.






Product Features:

  • Provides accurate compound loop set point control of chlorine residuals or other process variables.
  • Chlorine control applications include fresh water, wastewater, and food processing.
  • Accepts two 4-20mA inputs (typically process flowrate & chlorine residual level).
  • 3 control modes: Flow, Residual, or Both
  • 4-20mA output to control chlorine gas pacing valve, metering pump,
    or other control device.
  • 2 line display shows process variable or set point and output.
  • Easy to understand setup prompts and menus (5 different languages)
  • Non-volatile memory maintains all preset data.
  • Auto/Manual output control.

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