FX-8500S Single Loop Controller

Single loop contrlller FX8500S

The Foxcroft FX-8500S single loop PID set point controller can provide unattended automatic  chlorine residual control.

The FX-8500S provides the vital link between chlorine analyzer and chemical feed device in a “closed-loop” chlorine residual control environment. It allows instantaneous chlorine feed changes based on residual feed back from the chlorine analyzer.

The time compensation reflects the process time interval between chlorine injection and downstream chlorine residual sampling by the residual analyzer. This minimizes overshooting the desired setpoint.

Manual tuning of data parameters is easily done via the built-in keypad and display. Under certain conditions, the Autotune feature can perform self-tuning of data parameters.



Product Features:

  • Provides accurate set-point control of chlorine residuals or virtually any other variable process.
  • Chlorine control applications include fresh water, wastewater, and food processing.
  • One 4-20mA input, optional digital input.
  • Optional remote control, Ethernet or Modbus® communication
  • 4-20mA output to control chlorine gas pacing valve, metering pump, or other chemical feed device.
  • 2 line display shows process variable or set-point and output.
  • Easy to understand setup prompts and menus (5 different languages)
  • Non-volatile memory maintains all preset data.
  • Auto/Manual output control.

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