FX-USB Data Loggers

Data logger FX-USB

This compact USB interface data logger records the output of your chlorine analyzer, gas leak detector, or any instrument.

Available as a stand alone unit or in a wall mount enclosure; it’s also perfect for troubleshooting equipment on a temporary basis, take it with you from site to site.

Includes Windows compatible configuration and graphing software.

(Shown Mounted In FX-1000P Analyzer)

Product Features:

  • 0-30 V DC Input Measurement Range FXUSB3
  • 4-20mA Current Loop Input Measuring range FX-USB4
  • Stores 32,510 readings
  • Connection via two screw terminals
  • USB Interface for Set-up and Data Download, Simply Remove and Plug into your computer’s USB Port
  • User-Programmable Alarm Thresholds
  • Red and Green LED Status Indication
  • Replaceable Internal Lithium Battery
  • Does not lose stored readings when battery is discharged or replaced

To download a PDF of this product specification sheet click HERE