FX-BB 110 Battery Back Up

battery backup FX-BB110

The Foxcroft FX Guardian Battery Backup offers the same capabilities as a computer grade battery backup and provides the best protection for your gas detection equipment.

In the event of a power outage this battery backup will keep your gas detectors, chlorine analyzers, chart recorders, and other equipment on line. A battery backup is suggested anywhere AC power is not constant.

Battery backups for higher output ratings and for 230VAC 50 Hz input are also available.

Product Features:

  • Minimum 8 Hours of Backup (Depending on Load)
  • Handles up to 5 Detectors
  • Line Noise Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Protects Against Blackouts and Brownouts
  • Battery Life 5 Years
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • 300VA Output Rating (175 Watt)
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz input

To download a PDF of this product specification sheet click HERE