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The Foxcroft FX-Mini is the latest digital version of our popular all-in-one FX-1 fixed point toxic and chlorine gas leak detectors. It's available in two styles:

  1. Model FX-Mini - Compact, all-in-one single enclosure
  2. Model FX-Mini-R - Remote controller mounts in a safe area while the local sensor enclosure is placed in the hazard area

It’s designed for those who want reliable gas detection with only basic alarm notification: LED indicators, audible alarm and relay output; but don’t need a 4-20mA output or concentration display.

This microprocessor controlled unit in a compact 6” x 6” wall mount enclosure alerts you to low PPM levels of toxic gas or low oxygen levels in ambient air.  Everything you need is included; no additional sensor, transmitter, controller or power supply is required.

The FX-Mini can also be powered by 50 AH 12VDC battery in remote locations without electric service.

Ideal for:

  • Remote Well Sites
  • Unmanned Storage Facilities
  • Small Municipal Water Systems
  • Limited Budgets
  • Remote monitoring systems without 4-20mA input

Sound design reduces the labor cost needed to produce an economy yet high quality product in the USA. List price for FX-Mini chlorine is $850.00, the FX-Mini-R chlorine lists for $1,021.00.

The analog Model FX-1 has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured.

Standard Features:

  • Uses the same rugged high quality elecrochemical gas sensors proven for over 20 years

  • Two Fixed Alarm Levels - Warning &  Danger

  • Sensor Fail Alarm

  • (4) 10A form C alarm relays for contact input to phone dialers, SCADA, external alarm devices and equipment.

  • Color coded LED alarm indicators with Power on LED indicator

  • 100 dB integral alarm buzzer

  • Dual function Silence / Reset button

  • Terminal for remote reset button

  • NEMA 4X plastic enclosure with wall mount feet, hinged for easy sensor service.

  • Universal AC input 12VDC power supply with 4-ft cord included, or operate with 12VDC battery power in remote locations without electric service. Note: Ammonia operates on included 24VDC power supply.

  • Fast, easy installation

  • Low maintenance

  • Field replaceable microprocessor


Gas Sensors Available

Chlorine CL2 0-10 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 0-10 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 0-10 ppm Nitric Oxide NO 0-50 ppm
Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 0-1 ppm Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0-10 ppm
Oxygen O2 0-25% Hydrogen Chloride HCI 0-10 ppm
Carbon Monoxide CO 0-500 ppm  Ammonia NH3  0-100 ppm







Other gas operating ranges and non-standard alarm levels are available