FX-1502v4 Dual Channel Toxic Gas Detector

FX-1502V4CC two channel chlorine gas detector.jpg

The Foxcroft FX-1502v4 is dual channel fixed point system for simultaneously monitoring two different gases in a facility or one gas in two separate areas. The remote display is located in a control room or safe area away from any potential gas leak. 

The FX-1502v4 is the easiest leak detector to set up and use on the market. There is no need to disassemble for commissioning, no code numbers to look up, no banks of DIP switches or jumpers to set. The universal power supply and fused power entry module accepts any voltage in the world without user selection.

To set up and use you simply tap the crystal clear full color glass touchscreen display and interface.

The high visibility status field is color coded to each alarm level and also includes a text description of alarm status.

Each sensor channel includes onscreen silence, reset and test buttons as well as a sensor life screen.

Warning and Danger alarm levels are set to OSHA and NIOSH recommendations and are monitored using reliable electrochemical gas sensors. A third low level Caution alarm alerts personnel to slow leaks, and a Sensor Fail alarm indicates a fault with the sensor circuitry.

The 24VDC electronics can be battery powered in remote locations.

An optional battery backup/surge protector is also available for applications where AC power is unreliable, or must be maintained in the event of a power failure.

Product Features:

  • 2 channel remote electronics/ display unit.
  • Sensors can be located as far as 2000 feet from the display unit.
  • (4) Alarm levels each channel
  • Individual simultaneous displays of gas concentration.
  • 100 dB piezo buzzer audible alarm notification.
  • (4) 10A form C relays per channel, total of 8 relays.
  • Local alarm indication and circuit test button at each sensor.
  • 4-20mA output retransmission each channel standard.
  • Gas Types Available: Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Oxygen, Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide

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