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Foxcroft Participates in Technical Conference in Ambato, Ecuador


Foxcroft Equipment & Service was honored to participate September 29, 2011 in an international conference "Technologies for Efficient Potable Water Service"  hosted by EP-EMAPA, The Municipal Company of Potable Water and Sewage Systems of Ambato, Ecuador.

Held in the Hotel Miraflores in Ambato, the conference was attended by EMAPA of Ambato officials, water system officials, technicians, and companies from other cities, as well as Foxcroft sales manager Ray Sullivan.

Foxcroft with EMAPA officials at potable water conference

Pictured L to R: Leonardo Herrera, Amimechanical, SA; Engineer Max Pico, EMAPA Chief of Electromechanical Systems; Ray Sullivan, Sales Manager Foxcroft Equipment; Engineer Rafael Maldonado, General Manager EMAPA; Galo Hinostroza, General Manager ASUBSA Aguas Subterraneas.



One objective of EMAPA for the conference was to share with other municipalities the method to improve the quantity and quality of drinking water while reducing operating costs through automated control systems. Savings allow the possibility of reinvestment in other projects to serve their customers.

Engineer Rafael Maldonado, General Manager of EMAPA, believes investment in high quality, current technology is essential to provide his customers with a reliable supply of safe drinking water in a  cost effective manner.

Foxcroft offered two presentations: the disinfection of potable water, and the Mars Company automatic water meter test bench being supplied to EMAPA of Amabato.

Engineer Max Pico, Chief of Electromechanical Systems for EMAPA presented the SCADA system recently installed by Leonardo Herrera of Amimechanical, SA; Foxcroft's representative in Ecuador. The SCADA system included equipment and instrumentation supplied by Foxcroft.

Technical Director Victor Mendez EMAPAR Riobamba

Pictured L to R: Leonardo Herrera, Amimechanical, SA; Ray Sullivan, Sales Manager Foxcroft Equipment; Victor Mendez, Technical Director, EMAPAR, City of Riobamaba; Engineer Rafael Maldonado, General Manager EMAPA.



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